A unique gift
I have always drawn people. It is amazing to experience people through a hand drawing.
And to be able to make other people happy with a portrait, which is a unique gift.

This is how I do it
Order a hand drawn portrait made from a photo of your family and friends. It can also be of pets, either alone or with their owner, or whatever else you like it to be. I can easily combine several photos into one drawing. You can send the photo to me from a computer, smartphone, iPhone or in a traditional letter. I will mail you several sketches and ideas while I make the drawing. The finished drawing will be delivered within 3 weeks with a 30 days satisfaction guarantee from the time you receive it.

Based on realistic classic drawing, my goal for each portrait is to emphasize the beauty or magic of a face, whether from a photo or “live”. Throughout the year I have commisions that I usually fulfill in my homestudio where the customer accompanies and participates in the drawing process via digital photos and mails.
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Every summer I draw in Copenhagen, on Strøget (the pedestrian street), in front of the Church of the Holy Ghost (Helligåndskirken). It is instructive and enjoyable to get reactions from tourists from all over the world, and hear the different comments from portraits and caricatures. The idea for this webshop (martinvestergaard.com) originates from Strøget, where people asked how they could email photos to me.

Many customers also order portraits of their pets. Here I often choose pastel colors because of the beautiful colors of the fur.

On my travels, I always bring a sketchbook, below: Houses in Venice.

In my artistic journey, see my CV on this page, I have attended drawing courses, including the Art Academy in Seville, and workshops held by international portrait artists. Eg. Heather Spears (Canada), Davy Lim (Paris), Julio Puentes (Spain). Rasmus Aagaard and Marialle Brandusa (Copenhagen)