Painted portrait on canvas

The process
The process begins with a meeting of a few hours, where the model and I as an artist meet about the nature of the portrait, size, arrangement, lighting, etc. I also take photos for subsequent work. Quality colors are used on the basis of linen canvas. Throughout the work process, I email ‘look with photos’, to any suggestions and comments along the way. A final pose is often necessary, either in my studio or at the client’s, where final details are carried out. I am happy to advise on the choice of frame, i.e. with receipt of the framed picture, ready for hanging. Shipping of picture by agreement.

The price for portraits is determined from time to time, starting from DKK 20,000 incl. VAT. The final price depends on the size and the level of detail, for example in the background. Extra people naturally increase the price. Expenses for any the frame is borne by the customer, as is the shipping of the picture and my possible transport costs to remote addresses.



Terms and conditions for portrait painted on canvas

When entering into an agreement, 50% of the agreed price is paid.
The remaining amount and any cost of frame and freight is paid at the latest immediately before delivery of the finished picture.

Delivery time
The work process lasts a minimum of one month. If the portrait is urgent, I can shorten the process a little, but never more than I can guarantee high quality.

Shipping by agreement. The finished image is securely wrapped in bubble wrap and a special box and is usually sent as a trackable value shipment.

Satisfaction guarantee
I offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee from receipt.
50% is refunded.

If the customer is not satisfied, the picture must be sent back as it was received.
At the same time as the return, the customer is asked to provide bank details in writing so that I can transfer immediately after receipt.
Shipping is paid by the customer, and I do not receive packages sent by cash on delivery.
For returns, use the following address.

Martin Vestergaard,
Dagmarsgade 3A, st.
2200 Copenhagen N.

According to the Purchase Act, there is a 14-day right of withdrawal, but in the case of order purchases, i.e. a product that is specially manufactured, there is no right of withdrawal. On the other hand, there is a 24-month right of complaint in relation to errors in material etc.

The customer must give consent before I exhibit a portrait.
The same applies to pet portraits.
I do not pass on information or photos to others.
After receiving your portrait, you will not receive newsletters or other advertising from me.